Dry Verges in County Antrim

Are you fed up with re-pointing the edges of your tiled roof? Dry verge installations from Craigstown Roofing can be the perfect solution for you. 


A Great Alternative to Mortar

If you live in an older property and you have a gable roof, the chances are that you have a wet verge roof. Traditionally, the edges of the roof were rendered with mortar to prevent pests and water ingress in roof. However, mortar deteriorates over time due to the natural movement within the building structure and weathering caused by external elements. Dry verge roofing is an effective and durable alternative to wet verges. It consists of interlocking plastic caps that fit over the edge of your roof tiles, keeping them intact for years to come.

Dry Verge Systems For Your Home

Dry verge systems are suitable for new as well as old properties and they provide excellent protection against the Northern Irish weather. At Craigstown Roofing, we stock a range of dry verges in different colours and styles from leading manufactures. We can provide a quick and easy installation. Get in touch with us for additional information.
Our services are available to domestic and commercial customers in Newtownabbey, Belfast, Carrickfergus, Antrim, Ballymena, Coleraine, and throughout Co Antrim.

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